Why use learning research?

Eminent systems thinkers such as Bateson, Maturana & Varela and Myron Rogers suggest that organisations and systems are living systems.

A living system is typically resistant to change because anything that is seen as a threat (i.e. change) is a threat to its identity, functions and survival. This means that the living system will do whatever it can to resist change- including ‘killing’ the change mechanism or agent.

According to theorists such as Kurt Lewin the resistant forces for change and the fear of learning itself are the greatest obstacles to change.

To put it simply; these threats to self preservation get in the way of change.

Learning research is an active intervention during the change process. It explores the complexity of the human process of change. It examines the learning of an organisation or system through the thoughts, feelings and experiences of the people within them. It also explores the practices, theories and methodology- and outcomes. And thus assists in the facilitation, adoption and acceptance of change. It does this through not only identifying positive drivers for change, but also by exploring the challenges too.


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