Learning Research

The purpose of a learning document, such as a Learning History is to provide a record of development that explores the process of change and what that change means as it develops to the wider system and the individuals within it. That’s about thoughts, feelings and a record of actions as much as the process and outcomes. It provides a valuable reflection of learning that is useful in helping the future system understand what has changed and how and to others undergoing similar processes. It also helps create an awareness of the current change that can be useful in developing the future actions of the change programme.

Much of the learning document is captured through observations and informal conversation in the form of loosely structured interviews, which aim to explore the reflections on what is happening for those involved in the work.

All interviews are treated with the strictest confidentiality. By agreement, the interviews may be recorded and photographed to ensure the researcher has an accurate recollection of the conversation. The data will always be anonymised and will be collated and presented as verbatim quotes. Identifying data will only ever be used with individual permissions.