Learning History

The Learning History is a dynamic research intervention that helps in the implementation, adoption and acceptance of change in organisations and systems. It puts together a variety of qualitative data that reflects the thoughts feelings and experiences of those involved in a particular change programme.


Learning History– Developed by MIT with Art Kleiner and George Roth

The Learning History was developed by MIT with Art Kleiner and George Roth as a way of seeing and understanding the learning of an organisation. It was developed in response to the realisation that often in organisations the learning that happens around significant events or processes is lost. The feelings and thoughts, both negative and positive, are internalised by the organisation and along with that any learning that happened along the way. What that means is that any learning that did occur isn’t actually useful at all. Instead organisations will carry on doing things the way that they always have and carry on making the same mistakes. The learning is wasted.

That means that the organisation isn’t able to adjust the things that aren’t working, or avoid things that simply can’t work, or embrace the things that do. It really doesn’t know what people are thinking and feeling, that’s left to speculation and rumour. The Learning History was developed as a tool that captures what really going on.

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