Learning History

Emma has supported several programmes of change through Learning Reports, including:

Cornwall County Council; The Food and Cornwall Programme. Emma’s role was to research and produce the Learning History report for this ambitious programme whose aim was to ensure; ‘no-one in Cornwall goes hungry’. The brief included rounds of interviews with professionals from the local accountable bodies, local business leaders, ‘celebrity chefs’ and users of and organisers of food banks. Emma was then required to collate this data within a Learning History format for publication.

Systems Leadership

Systems Leadership programme support with clients including; Leading Communities and Big Blue Experience ltd. Collating information and compiling reports to support systems leadership work within local bodies, councils and health boards. (Systems leadership work includes work under the Local Vision programme and support to the Health and Social Care Integration Pioneers and NHS(E) Vanguards).

Open Innovation 

Open Innovation research with a variety of clients. Analysing the qualitative data from a long term Open Innovation intervention across four European cities and writing a comprehensive report that captured the nature of the interventions, successes and difficulties and progress to date.

The Art of Change Making

The Leadership Centre; ‘The Art of Change Making’. This ambitious programme sought to capture all the learning and approaches used by ‘enablers’ in their work on complex social issues. Having identified the approaches, Emma researched their original sources and produced over 70 descriptive summaries that enable those new to this sort of work to understand their essence. Emma was required to liaise with the enablers to capture from them examples of the practice being used. Emma was also involved in the overall shape and design of the finished document, which runs to some 280 pages and has been exceptionally well received.